Every smart renter knows the importance of renters insurance.

You may think that you don’t need insurance if you don’t own the property, but there are many potential problem you face every day as a renter, including:

  • Proper upkeep of electrical equipment and indoor plumbing
  • Unexpected activation of installed sprinkler system
  • Responsibility factor of wall-to-wall neighbors

Even if you are not responsible for the property itself, you still have plenty to lose in the event of an unexpected incident. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your personal belongings are protected. Renters insurance is affordable and it’s absolutely worth the investment.

Renters policies are much less costly than homeowner’s policies and they may offer protection for:

  • Contents – Personal belongings
  • Loss of use- Relocation coverage if property damaged
  • Liability- Coverage if someone is injured in your rental unit
  • Medical Coverage- Coverage for medical attention if someone is injured in your rental unit

Sit down and assess the value of all your personal belongings. If you lost everything you own, how much would it cost to replace it? That’s the amount of coverage that you’ll want for your renter’s insurance policy.

A minimum value may apply. Give us a call now for a complimentary quote.