We LOVE Lumberton, North Carolina!

During this month dedicated to celebrating love, we want to ensure that the residents of our wonderful community are not overlooked! Our roots and origins hold great importance, and every smiling face, every small business, and each town landmark occupies a unique and cherished space in our hearts. Here are just a few aspects that contribute to making Lumberton exceptionally special:

  • In Lumberton, the Lumber River is also known for its cultural resources. 429 archaeological sites have been recorded in Robeson County.
  • Lumberton is known for the Lumber River, the only North Carolina black water river to earn federal designation as a national wild and scenic river.
  • Lumberton is sometimes called the “Gateway to Southeastern North Carolina” and “The Main Street of the East Coast.”
  • To many travelers, who stop along the I-95 corridor, Lumberton is the midpoint between New York and Florida.

in every corner of our community, we endeavor to serve as partners, aids, and friends. Our neighbors and citizens hold immense value for us, and it is a privilege to be part of Lumberton. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to initiate a connection with you and become the trusted insurance provider for our hometown.

Contact Great State Insurance at 910-739-9119 or visit https://gogreatstate.com/ for your complimentary insurance quote, and experience the warmth of our service – you’ll also feel a sense of connection and care.

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