Don’t hit the road for your next great American adventure without first taking a look at your recreational vehicle insurance.

You worked hard so that you could see the country the way that you want to see it. But before you set off on your next grand adventure in your RV, make sure that you’re protected with the proper insurance coverage.

You might not realize it, but recreational vehicle insurance provides something like double duty coverage. It serves to cover the vehicle, like a car insurance policy, while also protecting the living quarters, like your home insurance would. It’s very important to have both types of coverage for your RV. Your recreational vehicle is vulnerable to the same damages as any automobile, as well as homeowner issues like break-ins and theft.

A recreational vehicle policy covers a lot, but it can be perfectly affordable. Options that you should consider are:

Personal liability – Protection in the event that someone is injured in or around your recreational vehicle.

Personal property- Property insurance that protects your belongings in your recreational vehicle in the event of theft or damage.

Additional living expenses – Protection that helps cover the cost of living in the event that you’re displaced from your recreational vehicle.

Attached accessories – Another layer of coverage protecting awnings, tv antennas or other accessories that might incur damages.

Call us today and we’ll make sure you have the protection you need. That way you can really relax and enjoy the sights when you’re on the road.