Enjoying the great outdoors is even greater when you have the proper off road vehicle insurance.

You like adventure, but we want to protect you even when those adventures prove to be bumpy rides. You like to have a good time, but accidents happen when you’re operating off road vehicles like:

  • All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
  • Utility Vehicles (UTV)
  • Dirt bikes
  • Go karts
  • Snowmobiles
  • Dune buggies
  • Golf carts

Your auto policy is unlikely to cover liability on many of these vehicles. So even if you like taking chances, don’t take a chance with your off road vehicle.

It’s easy to protect yourself with:

Bodily Injury Liability– In the event that someone is injured on your off road vehicle.

Property Damage Liability – When an accident is your fault and results in property damage.

Collision Coverage – Helps repair your off road vehicle in the event of a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage – Helps repair your off road vehicle in the event of flood damage, wind damage, vandalism, theft, and other incidents besides collisions with other vehicles.

You’ll enjoy those bumpy rides even more knowing that every thrilling turn is protected. Give us a call us today for a complimentary quote.